Aikido Security Raises 2m Pre-Seed Round
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Aikido Security raises €2 million pre-seed round to build a developer-first software security platform

Written by the team at Aikido
Ghent, January 19th 2023

Belgian SaaS startup Aikido Security has raised €2 million in pre-seed funding from renowned angel investors who support its mission to simplify software security for developers.

In recent years, there has been a shift in the software industry towards “shift left” development, which has pushed the responsibility for security ever more toward developers. Unfortunately, current software security platforms are hard to use for developers, wasting loads of their time. Aikido Security has been founded to meet this challenge.

The pre-seed round is fortunate to have the support of an array of qualified (angel) investors. Syndicate One, Pieterjan Bouten (Showpad), Louis Jonckheere (Showpad), Christophe Morbee (Besox), Mathias Geeroms (OTA Insight) have all decided to join in. Aikido Security is lucky to be able to count on their support & expertise.

Software security tools have made my life as a CTO harder”, says Aikido Security founder & CTO Willem Delbare. “I’ve tested so many of them and they all suffer from the same problems. They overload you with false positives, spam you with notifications, and make triaging hard. I’ve found it to be very exhausting. We’ve decided to fix this.

The team is made up of experienced entrepreneurs who have built successful products in various industries before coming together at Aikido Security. The founding team consists of Willem Delbare (Teamleader, Officient), Roeland Delrue (Showpad, Officient), Amber Rucker (Veriff, Cloudbees) & Felix Garriau (nexxworks, AREA42).

Aikido has recently completed the alpha version of its product which it is actively testing with early adopter customers. The funding allows the company to grow the team and make the product feature complete, next to growing its customer base.

About Aikido Security

Aikido Security is a developer-first software security platform. We scan your source code & cloud to show you which vulnerabilities are actually important to solve. Triaging is sped up by massively reducing false-positives and making CVEs human-readable. Aikido makes it simple to keep your product secure and gives you back time to do what you do best: writing code.