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Our security measures

The security of your code & data is our #1 priority.
That is why we built Aikido from the ground up, leveraging modern SSO systems & ensuring a secure architecture.
By utilizing top open source projects and prioritizing compliance, we're able to efficiently build top-quality software.

Secure architecture

Aikido gets read-only access, so we can never change your code. By logging in with GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket you're guaranteed there are no keys on our side. Additionally we use short-lived access tokens, which can only be generated with a certificate. These certificates are being kept on our AWS secrets manager. We don't store refresh and access tokens in our database. Every operation happens in a separate docker container, which gets hard-deleted right after analysis is done.

We're compliant

We’re implementing security best practices aligned with the highest standards. We’re hard at work to achieve SOC2 & ISO27001 compliance certification.

Under review
Preparing for review
Will you remove our code from your side once the test is completed?
Do I need to give access to my repos to test out the product?

Built for busy developers first

We prioritize features that make life easier for YOU, whether you’re working on a personal project, critical infrastructure at work or contributing to open source.

Whenever possible, we’ll just patch issues for you

Whenever possible we will open a PR to patch an issue for you. However, we don’t like the mystery many platforms have with autopatches and strive to provide you with details on what the patch is for and why we did it.

Bring Aikido with you, with no hassle

We know developers love a side project, whether alone or with other creators. Aikido uses your version control provider as your login so you can easily switch between teams, personal projects or even open source without all the signin and signout shuffle.


Integrate security in your workflow

Adding another tool often means yet another UI to check. Instead, Aikido meets you in the tools you already use and provides a helpful experience only when you need it.

Supports your tech stack and languages

We support all major version control providers (GitHub, GitLab & Bitbucket), cloud providers (AWS - GCP. & Azure coming soon) and languages. (JavaScript, Python, Java, Go, Ruby, Rust, PHP, and .NET)

Works where you work

Connect your task management, CIs and chat tools to track and solve issues in the tools you already use.

Triage in minutes, not hours

Triage meetings can be painful, but not with our super simple UI. When the goal is to triage and assign rather than research, you’ll be in and out in no time.

Only get alerts that matter to you

We’ve been there, sifting through massive amounts of security alerts, only a portion of which matter to you. After a while you ignore them, letting them stack up, creating additional risk. We’ll take the sifting off your hands, only notifying you when it matters.


Vulnerabilities that affect repositories or clouds across your infrastructure are collapsed and grouped. This reduces alert overload and makes solving issues easier.


Aikido analyzes and monitors your codebase and infrastructure to automatically ignore issues that don’t affect you. No more wasted time researching CVEs, only to find out that they don’t apply to you.

Custom rules

Reduce the noise even further by telling us which paths, packages etc that aren’t critical for us to monitor and we won’t bother you about them. We will still unignore them if they ever become a severe issue.


Documentation for developers, not security experts

You shouldn't have to be a security expert to solve your security issues. We translate Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) into human-readable language so you understand the problem and if it affects you.
Skip the research and find a solution fast.

Cover your riskiest blind spots in 90 seconds or less

When you’ve grown past free security tools and best practices, you need an all-in-one solution that works with your workflow - without spending absurd amounts of money on security experts or software licenses.

Aikido is the only affordable cloud security software for SaaS startups that covers 99% of security issues. Upgrade your wooden butter knife to a stainless-steel Swiss Army Knife.

Known open source vulnerabilities

Aikido scans and monitors the open source dependencies in your codebase for known vulnerabilities and risks, keeping your supply chain secure.

Replaces: Snyk | Dependabot

Open source license reporting

Aikido monitors your open source licenses for non-reputable or problematic licenses, keeping your ecosystem healthy and secure.

Replaces: FOSSology | Black Duck | Manual export

Cloud security posture management

Aikido integrates with major cloud providers to detect risks that can make your cloud infrastructure more susceptible to attacks.

Replaces: Orca Security, CloudSploit

Secrets detection

Aikido scours your source code for API keys, passwords, certificates, encryption keys etc.

Replaces: Gitguardian | Gitleaks

Static application security testing (SAST)

Scan your source code for security risks before an issue can even be merged.

Replaces: SonarQube | Mend

Surface Monitoring

Monitor exposed surfaces for issues like SSL compliance and DNS takeover attack risks.

Replaces: Detectify

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Notification fatigue from endless irrelevant alerts.
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Wasted time triaging false positives.
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Expensive and over-engineered tooling you don’t need.
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Trying to triage issues with PhD-level documentation.
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Get alerted when it matters most, no distractions.
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Clear UI and integrations to help you triage faster, in the tools you already use.
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Our Freemium model allows you to scale cost-effectively.
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Fix issues fast with documentation written by humans.
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