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Compliance overview

Our top priority is the privacy and security of our customers’ information, documents & data. We are fully committed to upholding national & international security standards.

We are under audit to become SOC2 compliant in Q1 2023. Our report will be published on this page.

Under Review
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Legal overview

Aikido Security is committed to offering customers the necessary information for any legal considerations regarding our service.

We've already created a comprehensive terms of use and privacy policy document, but we are actively working on enhancing this to support you even further in the future.

Privacy overview

Aikido Security is dedicated to ensuring the security and privacy of their customers' data. We are not only compliant with GDPR, but have taken proactive measures in evaluating our company policies and practices for further protection.

Our commitment to protecting customer information remains a top priority during this time of constantly evolving technologies that collect an increasing amount of personal data. Please read our Privacy Policy, Cookie policy & list of subprocessors for more detailed information.

What security measures do you have in place to prevent any leak of our code to malicious entities?
Do I need to give access to my repos to test out the product?
What do you do with my source code?

System status

Aikido is available on any device, worldwide, with the exception of older browsers such as Internet Explorer 11 and earlier versions for security reasons. Health checks and simple pings of the components are used to check if the functions are operational.
Aikido has a dedicated page where the status of our system can always be checked.